KinoTor HD Online cinema

KinoTor HD Online cinema for comfortable watching movies, TV shows, cartoons in the voice and quality convenient for you on your phone, tablet or android TV. Also the ability to download video in mp4 format or torrent file.

At the moment, such directories as:

  • Koshara
  • Amcet (default off)
  • Kino-fs
  • Kinoxa
  • RufilmTV (default off)
  • Filmix
  • ColdFilm (implemented as an additional section)
  • AnimeVost (implemented as an additional partition, off by default)
  • FanSerials (implemented as an additional partition, off by default)

From the video file search is used:

  • moonwalk
  • hdgo
  • filmix
  • kinosha (default off)
  • moviehd (movies, default off)
  • kinoxa (movies, off by default)
  • kinohd (default off)
  • kinolive (default off)

For torrent files, in addition to directories, it is also used:

  • kinozal
  • underverse
  • rutor (default off)
  • rutracker (default off)
  • freerutor (default off)
  • nnmclub (default off)
  • yohoho
  • bitru
  • ba3a (default off)

What’s Cracked?

  • Pro features Unlocked



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