AMOLED mnml X+

AMOLED mnml X+

AMOLED mnml X+ is an opensource cloud-based wallpaper app with lots of minimalistic wallpapers designed for AMOLED Displays. You can save alot of battery using AMOLED mnml wallpapers if you have a device with an AMOLED screen.

AMOLED mnml is all about colors & shapes. Each wallpaper design has a few different color pallets so you can find something that matches your own setup. All wallpapers are in QHD (25603200), also there is a S8 wallpaper pack which offers wallpapers just made for S8 screen resolution & Aspect ratio (14402960).

Features :
– All wallpapers are made for AMOLED devices.
– Lots of minimal wallpapers.
– Growing library.
– Self made wallpapers unlike most wallpaper apps.
– Apply on lockscreen/homescreen (Nougat only).
– Each design is available different colors.
– Includes a wallpaper pack just made for Galaxy S8/S8+.
– Muzei support.
– Download wallpapers.
– Includes a wallpaper pack of 3D Rendered wallpapers.
– Material Design dashboard.
– Available in many different languages.

Note 1 : AMOLED mnml X/X+ is the successorof older AMOLED mnml apps (AMOLED mnml, AMOLED mnm XL/XL S8) and those apps are now discontinued. please migrate to AMOLED mnml X/X+ if you are still using those apps.

Note 2 : If you are a paid user of AMOLED mnml XL/XL S8 you can upgrade to this app for free. to get your promo code just send me an email.

Note 3 : Some wallpapers may look worse on app preview (even after they are downloaded). it’s just optimized like this so that app use less ram, apply the wallpaper to see its true quality.


  • Updated translation.
  • Added an option to apply wallpaper on both homescreen and lockscreen.
  • Other misc fixes.


  • AMOLED mnml X+ Screenshot
  • AMOLED mnml X+ Screenshot
  • AMOLED mnml X+ Screenshot


AMOLED mnml X+ v3.30 [Patched] / Mirror

AMOLED mnml X+ v1.9.0 [Patched] / Mirror

AMOLED mnml X+ v1.8.1 [Patched] / Mirror